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Local Bigwig

LocalBigwig is a booking marketplace for the highly fragmented $20b market of corporate housing and extended stay hotels.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 5


Local Bigwig is a booking platform for corporate housing and extended stay hotels. We have honed in on the direction of our platform and operations and are well positioned to scale our business. $20b worldwide market - money spent purely with professional housing providers who require a 30-day stay. In a highly fragmented and inefficient market, there is no marketplace to book and manage various professional extended stay home rentals.


Co-Founder CEO

Ray Madronio

Real estate guy. Prior to Local Bigwig, gained 2 years experience with a corporate housing provider in NYC. (BS, Haas UC Berkeley. MBA, Columbia Business School. SAPM, Stanford University. Certified Realtor NY State)


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