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A new era of single sign-on: Logrr is the passwordless and multi-factor authentication service for all your enterprise cloud applications.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Logrr is an Identity Provider for cloud services. It allows an enterprise to centrally manage its users and cloud applications from a global directory which considerably reduces the costs of onboarding/offboarding for employees. Moreover, with the Logrr Mobile app and our unique single sign-on approach, users can login to their corporate accounts without using passwords. Replacing passwords with multi-factor biometric authentication makes enterprise data access more secure.



Julien Denaes

Bsc in Information technology from HTW Dresden (Germany) and Hes-SO (Switzerland). Business analyst for many international firms with headquarters in Switzerland. Passionate about mobility and new user interactions with connected objects.


Benjamin Soulier


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