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Ludlow generates highly targeted newsletters to each individual in your email list by learning their preferences


Founded: 2016
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Ludlow lets you create and send a newsletter in minutes. It does this by suggesting articles for you based on selected topics and then automatically creating it. Beneath the surface - is is a machine learning recommendation engine that aggregates precision data to build user profiles and is able to detect an audience’s interests and adjust the content per individual, allowing for direct marketing outside of proprietary systems (i.e. Google)



Jacek Grebski

Jacek is CEO of Ludlow, a product that was spun out of digital studio and venture lab, SWARM which he co-founded with Valerie and Somya. Former Chief Marketing Officer of Carto a cloud based data visualization startup that raised 30 million in two rounds. Jacek volunteers at as a Judge at the University of Pennsylvania, Milken Entrepreneurship Competition, Guest Lectures at NYU Stern, and has a masters from ESADE and B.S. from Tulane University


Valerie Lisyansky

Valerie is the creative director, head of product and founding partner at SWARM, an award winning digital product studio that works with brands and startups to create technology solutions. Her previous experience has been working with clients like Nickelodeon, National Geographic, and Disney. She holds a BFA from Parsons, the New School for Design. Before Ludlow, Valerie was a founding member of SWARM.


Somya Jain

Somya has over 15 years of experiences as a technology expert, with clients like CBS interactive, Time Inc., and Alliancebernstein. His digital work has been featured among the top 10 apps in the US Apple Store. With over 15 years of engineering experience across a variety of industries. He holds a CS degree from UNSW in Australia. Before Ludlow, Somya was a founding member of SWARM.


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