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Lupanara Gelateria

Trying to choose between dessert or cocktails is like a lose-lose situation. Lupanara Gelato satiates your sweet tooth and is indulgently buzz-worthy.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Lupanara Gelato is artisanal gelato for dessert lovers 21 and over. Made with organic, non-GMO dairy and produce, our menu is tailored for each season, with flavors rotating every day. What makes our gelato even more special, is that it is produced via liquid nitrogen, which freezes alcohol-based desserts . The end result: consistently creamy, delicious gelato bursting with flavor and a buzz-worthy effect with each spoonful.


Executive Chef and CEO

Chef Candace

Chef Candace is a professionally trained chef who specializes in Mediterranean and Creole fusion cuisines. During her practice, Chef Candace has traveled all Italy and the Caribbean, learning innovative techniques to the art of dessert preparation and incorporating exotic flavors into each dish that she prepares.


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