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MealPlan is the optimal tool to consistently bring busy friends together. Planning meals should be about choosing friends, not dates and times.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Currently, friends are either missing out on meal opportunities together or trying more than necessary to make them happen. In addition to instantly calculating the best time, our app has a built-in restaurant voting system that syncs with yelp. We plan to use this to display partnered restaurants in an exclusive section in which you can view meal deals. When a discount is redeemed through our app, the restaurant pays us a portion of the money earned. With MealPlan, restaurants generate more business while you save time, money, and maintain meaningful relationships. We are targeting young people who live in urban areas. We are based in NYC, where there are more than 2 million young adults (age18-35) and 16,000 (and rising) full service restaurants according to the U.S census. The food industry has been, and continues to be, on an upswing. Partnered restaurants in NYC alone would make us millions of dollars per year. However, we plan to eventually reach major cities across the world.



Kevin Carter

Kevin is a senior physics major with programming knowledge and the logic, ambition, and communication skills needed to transform MealPlan into an app that makes a tangible difference.


Michelle Chen

Michelle specializes in programming and UI/UX design. She attended a specialized art high school and for the last four years has been turning her designs into interactive experiences using her programming skills developed as a computer science major at NYU.

Business Marketing

Vinh Thai

Vinh is a recent NYU Stern graduate who has experience running and advising successful businesses.


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