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mise en place (mepNYC)

We believe in bringing people back around the dinner table by combining the convenience of on-demand, with the accomplishment of home-cooking.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


mise en place is a home cooking delivery service bringing people back around the table by providing them fully prepped ingredients to easily cook at home. We differentiate from others in that our ingredients come expertly prepped (vs. whole) and we provide same-day delivery (vs. up to a week). We’ve spoken to customers of these services, and after trying our product, they love how much time we save them as well as the overall enhanced experience.


Vicente DyReyes

Recipe Director

Celeste Rogers

Most recently Test Cook at America's Test Kitchen's publication - Cook's Illustrated. Past food editor at Pure Food Cookbook. Culinary Arts Degree from Culinary Institute of America.


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