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Ngaged Software

BriteClass teaching platform powerful and innovative. Pilots: Harvard, MIT/Brandeis/NYU. Improves grades. Distance learning component also creates new revenue


Founded: 2009
Employees: 10
Quick Pitch:


Breakthrough educational technology (BriteClass). Immersive, powerful, unprecedented. Pilots at Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, NYU (also paid deployment there). For higher education, k-12 and corporate training. Patents filed. Uniquely comprehensive. Extra tuition revenue for institution through distance learning. Searchable video lecture synchronized to notes, questions, discussions. Many other features. Majority funded by unrelated legacy business.



Alex Epshteyn

15 years of program management, sales, data visualization and complex system integration experience. He worked at Arup on the JFK, Penn Station and Pearson Airport projects. He also designed workflow management and critical data visualization solutions for the NYSE and the NYC e911 system. Alex holds a BA with honors in Cognitive Science and Linguistics from Columbia University and has done graduate work at the NYU Media Lab.


Geoff Gelman

CFO Geoffrey Gelman: Inventor. Over 150 patents filed and 250 more pending. Critical to startup of Priceline Group. Bachelor of Science, electrical engineering, MS, computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MBA, Harvard Business School.

Chief Advisor

Dimitar Sassalov

Tenured Harvard Professor of Astronomy; Director of the prestigious Harvard Origins of Life initiative. He sits on the technology governance committees at Harvard, NASA, and MIT, with a close relationship to TED. Dimitar has used and critically assessed numerous education technologies in his own pedagogy and collaborates with others in Harvard and MIT, including the committee, to extend education to new possibilities.


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