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We’re disrupting the billion-dollar ad industry by monetizing with visual search.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


nTangle is an interactive video platform that allows content producers to author and publish web-linked immersive video to their online audiences. Audiences can explore social pages, news sites, and even make purchases without leaving the viewer. By facilitating this exploration, nTangle allows audiences to discover products and brands only when and if they want to and monetizes on this engagement.



Pierre-Marc Diennet

Pierre was a playwright and producer before he became an entrepreneur. He started working on the concept behind nTangle in October of 2010 when he realized that it was time to bring the same kind of interactivity that one feels in a live theater environment to online video. His market space expertise is thorough, too. He knows exactly what it means to be a niche entertainer with very little revenue.


Luke Schantz

Luke is a creative engineer, technical director and consultant. He has spent his life working with entertainers and creatives. He started his professional career in the entertainment lighting industry and went on to pursue entertainment design creating custom systems and media content for theatre, opera and multimedia extravaganzas like the Blue Man Group, where he was the resident Visual FX artist for four and a half years.


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