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Our purpose is to unify image processing and machine learning technologies with online apparel shopping to eliminate its primary problems.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Nudostilo is a social e-commerce platform which enables its users to shop through a personalized market based on their own unique body shape, while they are interacting with close friends and family members, whose styling opinion matters to the users. We believe that a change is needed in labeling millions of people with different body shape as a small or large. Additionally, the user can virtually try on clothing at our online market place.


CEO and Founder

Matt Yarali

After years of styling men and women in different high end brands and studying body shape theories and holding two different engineering degrees, we believe that we realized what are the problems with the nature of online shopping and developed a platform that speaks to our relationship with changing world; a method steeped in tradition solutions but empowered by new technology to overcome the challenges that online shopping is facing.



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