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Ology is a social interest platform where people share, connect & transact around specific interests in an easy to navigate addictive space.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 12
Quick Pitch:


Current social networks are people-centric, not interest centric, increasing the information noise that all of us deal with daily. Ology is an engaging, efficient way for people to discover, filter and organize content around their interests and people who share those interests. The platform creates and amplifies a virtuous cycle of discovery, sharing, transacting and connecting around common interests.


Co-founder, CEO

Beth Haggerty

Prior to Ology, Beth was COO of IAG Research, the television industry's leading advertising effectiveness measurement company, which was acquired by Nielsen in 2008. Prior to IAG, Beth was founding CEO/President of Live Advice Corporation, an e-commerce company that she built and sold to Ingenio Corp, which was then acquired by AT&T. Prior to Live Advice, Beth was SVP of Business Development & Sales for Infoseek, which was acquired by Disney.

Co-founder, President

Vivian Moran

Prior to Ology, Vivian was Sr. Director, Product Management at Yahoo, responsible for developing, launching and integrating communications products across Yahoo. Before Yahoo, Vivian served as Vice President of Business Development and Product Management for InfoSeek and later The Walt Disney Company. Vivian started her career at Andersen & served as Sr. Principal in the Communications practice. Vivian has her MBA from Harvard Business School.


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