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Open Haus

OH will be a haven for all parents offering a signature pre/postnatal fitness method, a café/ community space, childcare, expert advice and member programming.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Open Haus will be a step beyond Chitta Wellness which was founded in 2013 to provide safe yet challenging pre and postnatal programs for expecting and new mothers and diverse training for their partners and people who are not currently parents. Open Haus will provide parents with fitness, a community, expert support and exposure to brands all in one convenient location. Open Haus is looking to improve maternal health both physically and emotionally through new approaches and enhancing the experience of both parents before, during and after pregnancy.


CEO & Founder

Roma Van der Walt

Roma was a professional athlete who competed internationally, representing Germany in the Modern Pentathlon. She then completed a combined Masters degree of Sports Science and Media&Communications.. After a decade in communications at RTL Television and the United Nations, Roma now works with people and non-profit organizations whose causes she supports. As a Prenatal& Postpartum Exercise Specialist she has worked with several hundred parents.


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