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Our startup puts the entire home buying transaction, Browsing to Closing (R), on the palm of your hand.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


PadBlock, is a digital ecosystem for real estate transactions built to allow the real estate professionals to seamlessly manage their transactions and get to the closing table faster. Business Model: Transaction Fee: Realtors pay $500/transaction upon closing Membership Fee: Mortgage, Title, Inspectors, and Attorneys pay a monthly fee Product: Home Buyer Platform, built from the user's perspective- going live 8/2019.


Founder & CEO

Alberto Marinas

Albert comes to PadBlock with 15 years of experience in the logistics sector, including with CH Robinson and UPS, focused on streamlined operations and process automation. He is also a US Marine. Albert has a tremendous passion for real estate: He became a real estate broker in 2016.

Tech Lead

Rick A. Irizarry

Ricardo is a recent NYU alumnus and the founder and creative director of a cybersecurity company that utilizes blockchain to enhance user privacy.

He has an intimate passion for and understanding of technology and the Internet economy built on years of research and experience. He believes in the intrinsic role that blockchain and cybersecurity play in shaping the future of the consumer economy.


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