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We help distributed brands build momentum. Pica9 develops SaaS-based local marketing automation and digital asset management systems for multi-location brands.


Founded: 2001
Employees: 30
Quick Pitch:


Pica9 builds and maintains CampaignDrive™ – the local marketing automation system for multi-location brands. CampaignDrive™ empowers brand professionals to improve brand integrity and accelerate time-to-market, while decreasing marketing production costs by 95%. Our system gives distributed brands a multi-channel marketing solution that lets them scale their marketing, locally or globally. CampaignDrive™ – It's Your Brand. At Full Scale.


Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Groome

With 20 years of experience in high-tech marketing and advertising, Mr. Groome has developed a keen sense for the application of current technologies to the needs of marketing professionals. Prior to founding Pica9, Mr. Groome served as SVP and Chief Creative Officer of WNG Advertising, a top 50 high-technology US ad agency. His experience has given him unique insight into the practical realities and unique demands of distributed marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer

John Buckner

Mr. Buckner brings to Pica9 more than 20 years of management experience in the IT industry. Joining Pica9 in April 2007 as Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Buckner led a $3 million angel investment round that led to a new management team. Most recently, the Board of Directors asked Mr. Buckner to assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer to guide the growth of Pica9’s CampaignDrive customer base as it ramps revenue growth for its SaaS platform.

Vice President of Accounts

Rachel Berman

With over four years of experience at Pica9, Rachel is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers, partners, and employees. She spent two years guiding one of Pica9’s largest customers, leveraging her hospitality background to service a rapidly growing customer base of franchise marketers. Today, Rachel is focused primarily on the success of our customers' continued use of our flagship platform, CampaignDrive.

Vice President of Research & Development

David Elkins

Mr. Elkins began his technology career by founding Hurrah, Inc. in 1999, where he developed the PDF generation engine that became Pica9's core processing technology. Over the last ten years, David has held many roles. He has managed the technology team, maintained infrastructure, and advanced the core technology. Today, he is mostly focused on development efforts that help CampaignDrive expand support for document formats and marketing channels.

Vice President of Product Engineering

Rob Strong

Mr. Strong joined Pica9 in 2012 as a senior developer and was promoted to VP of Product Engineering in 2014. As the leader of Pica9’s technology team, Rob has instituted a regular release management process enabling the company to transition to a single SaaS platform: CampaignDrive. Rob has overseen the implementation of dozens of new features for the core product and continues to direct the technology team's efforts to improve the platform.


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