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social-planner and “stumbleupon-style” web badge to help event promoters reach mobile audiences and match consumers seeking local activities


Founded: 2010
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Planaby (noun) a suggestion of something fun: “let’s get tickets for Maker Faire”. Like a concierge for your pocket, suggesting new and exciting things to do nearby. Mobile users yearn for a next-generation city-guide and expect to be presented with inspiring things to do, any time or place. Mobile computing creates new opportunities for planning and events (an astronomical marketplace) and everyday planning is a universal activity.


CEO, Founder

Jesse Tayler

Jesse is a proven co-founder and executive officer. Over the last 20 years, Jesse founded Netmodular, a pioneer of Social Networks (AlwaysOn) along with OEI, a successful mobile app developer (VideoScience, ThisWeekIn) and famously invented the world’s first AppStore (The AppWrapper) at a startup in 1992.


Paraskevi Briassouli

Paraskevi Briassouli, Ph.D. — Paraskevi performs the responsibilities of comptroller, and director of operations as well as professional outreach

Director, Marketing and Outreach

Julie Blaustein

Julie Blaustein, MBA — Julie handles marketing and professional outreach from within the social networking professional insider events community. Julie has ten years in social media including work with BYTE, Jambase and PhotoBucket and remains a sought-after photographer and media event specialist


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