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Plans in Hands. Planaby helps event promoters reach mobile audiences, we say it’s like Pandora for finding events that you like —right here, right now.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 14
Quick Pitch:


Like Pandora finds songs you like, Planaby finds nearby activities around you now. Machine Learning, AI and Big-Data analytics can find fun things to do nearby, and the local advertising that targets those activities. Planaby is global. Planaby works in any location or language and for any lifestyle. Planaby exemplifies what machine learning and artificial intelligence can do to touch the daily lives of people everywhere.


CEO, Founder

Jesse Tayler

Jesse is a proven co-founder and executive officer. Over the last 20 years, Jesse founded Netmodular, a pioneer of Social Networks (AlwaysOn) along with OEI, a successful mobile app developer (VideoScience, ThisWeekIn) and famously invented the world’s first AppStore (The AppWrapper) at a startup in 1992.


Paraskevi Briassouli

Paraskevi Briassouli, Ph.D. — Paraskevi performs the responsibilities of comptroller, and director of operations as well as professional outreach


Karlie Robinson


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