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Players' Lounge

Players' Lounge is a social gaming platform that lets gamers play their favorite video games online in free or cash prize competitions.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Our cofounders met at Wesleyan University, where we were members of the men’s soccer team. Our CTO was the first attendee at our first in-person tournament. Our lead advisor-investor is Strauss Zelnick. We meet with Strauss every week to discuss strategy and updates. Zach is the salesman, Austin the digital mastermind, Mark the ex-Goldman banker, and Dan the full-stack developer. We believe our team is positioned to win big.



Zach Dixon

Sales, marketing, business development, partnerships, fundraising, customer service across sports, video games, and experiential marketing since graduating from college in 2012.


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