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Pletra is a native advertising platform for Virtual Reality: WebVR, 360 Videos, and VR Immersive.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform for Virtual Reality. Our software aims to create a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and consumers. We design and integrate high quality 3D objects seamlessly into any 3D environment in a non-intrusive manner. External developers are then able to accept advertisement in their systems from 3rd party businesses in a holistic approach.


Michael Rapoport


Rui Marinho

Rui Marinho is a developer and designer. He has worked within the fields of advertising, commerce, marketing, entertainment and project management. With more than a decades worth of developmental and business experience, he has had the opportunity to cultivate relationships with small and large corporations such as the Audi, 3M, & countless more. Rui has partnered with industry leading firms and has built a web centric content marketing platform.

Director of Marketing and PR

Mikayla Gowaty

Mikayla Gowaty has worked in marketing for over 4 years. She has run wildly successful PR campaigns for businesses and helped companies increase sales revenue by an average of 125% with strong communication and implementation strategies.


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