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Pooran Energy

This new wind energy generation technology that involves the capture of wind power around the metro rail-track areas/airport areas.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 0
Quick Pitch:


We are a hydro power generation firm where we produce power by capturing rainwater/snowfall. We will be using generators from Voltmaster to produce power. Investment range is $5M-$20M with estimated revenue of $8.44M-$32M over the course of 10.5 years(.5 years being for project development, regulatory and etc.). We have two co-founders at this point-Prabh Singh (physics/policy) and Brian Crotti(operations/building trades).



Prabh Singh

Prabh Singh has high interests in developing new technology.I am a very enthusiastic and has also worked in propulsion technologies for plane and aerospace planes.In addition to that,he has also worked on developing a new form of lawn mower and a school furniture table too.He has various interdisciplinary interests.


Brian Crotti

Brian Crotti is well experienced carpenter and works well with mechanical tools. He was big contributor towards making the testing prototype with the car movement(instead of trains/rails). He is well versed with professionals and will be in charge of assembling the generator and the boom pole for transmission across the rail-tracks


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