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Preo is a free ordering app that increases efficiency within the hospitality industry to create a world with no lines for customers.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Preo - formerly BUZZtheBar - is a mobile app that lets users order and pay for food & drinks on their phones, then get a notification when their orders are ready for pickup at the bar or delivered to their table. Our patent pending hardware integrates with existing staff workflow, and automatically notifies users when orders are being made. With our system, venues make an additional $500 per bartender per hour and guests wait half as long.


Founder & CEO

Richard James Liang

Richard funded his college tuition by creating a deal-site tracking algorithm that identified profitable electronics eBay reselling deals. The business had 35% margins and lasted for over 10 years, until deal pricing became much more apparent to the average consumer. At Sentinel, he was responsible for presenting potential companies to the partnership for investment and was an investment officer in several multi-sided market companies.

Cofounder, CTO

Robert Estelle

Robert created a software system that makes it easy for hotel guest services staff to easily send recommendations and directions to guests on their smartphones. Demo video at At Insitu, he was responsible for designing and implementing the internal communications system as well as dynamically-compressed telemetry and streams for radio and satellite control - essentially writing the navigation software for military drones.

Business Development Officer

Michka Bengio

Michka is a nightlife guru and founder of The GöST Group, a professional and consulting services provider specializing in the hospitality industry. The firm’s tailored services include concept design, Food & Beverage Program design and implementation, operations training, business development, real estate advisory, space design, communications, and business strategy. Michka is refining our pitch and signing venue owners.

Richard Liang


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