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Printdustry allows everyone to bring amazing products to life by its vast network of 3D printing hubs


Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Both industrial and desktop 3D printers have vast amounts of spare time. On the other hand, every day people who do not own a 3D printer need to print 3D models. This creates an unique win-win opportunity for both 3D printers owners and users. However, today it is very difficult (if not impossible) to efficiently advertise 3D printers spare time. Printdustry will bridge this gap by providing 3D printers owners with the opportunity to open a web store to advertise their services and products. We will also provide an opportunity to improve printer visibility based on performance and on the payment of a small monthly fee. At the same time an integrated and comprehensive management tool will be provided in order to make the process of tracking current orders, verifying models and receiving payment easy.



Nicolás Metallo

- Education: BA in Mechanical Engineering (Argentina) with thesis in TU Ilmenau (Germany). Diploma in Technology and Business (South Korea). MS in Management of Technology at NYU (2017) under Fulbright Scholarship. - Experience: 4 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry


Leonel Donatini

- Education: MBA UCEMA (Argentina) and SDSU (San Diego, USA). BA in Civil Engineering (Argentina). Diploma in Oil & Gas (Argentina) - Experience: Mechanical Integrity and GIS Manager Sinopec Argentina (OIL & GAS Industry). More than 10 years of experience in different areas of the OIL & GAS Industry. Contacts in the industry, best person capable of establishing commercial relationships.


Antonio Liporace

- Education: BA in Civil Engineering (Argentina) Diploma in Structural Engineering (Argentina) MS in Structural Engineering (Argentina) PhD candidate at Stuttgart University (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) - Experience: More than 10 years of experience in Civil Engineer, Statistics and Programming


Diego Emilio Parma

- Education: BA in System Engineering (Argentina). Diploma in Technology and Business (South Korea) - Experience: Built 5 technology startups and worked as a developer in the US, Australia, all of LatAm and most recently in India.


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