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Pvilion Inc.

With proprietary technology and design Pvilion creates a niche in the solar market for highly visible projects where beauty is essential.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Pvilion provides turnkey solar installations that are beautiful and multi-purposed, providing shelter and renewable energy. Pvilion's solar structures are attractive landmarks that provide the missing "WOW" factor. Pvilion takes the industry into its next design phase of high-design architectural product. Pvilion integrates lightweight structures with flexible photovoltaics. Customers include corporations, municipalities, government agencies.



Colin Touhey

Mr. Touhey is an electrical engineer and alternative energy entrepreneur, He is a co-founder of Pvilion. He has been working in the renewable energy field since 2009. His professional experience includes design work on vertical axis wind turbines, electrical engineering on solar projects. Mr. Touhey also received a grant from NASA to work on ocean water turbine research.


Todd Dalland

Mr. Dalland is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution to the tensile structures industry. He has received dozens of design awards and design patents. His licensed designs to military and commercial manufacturers have achieved over $3B in sales since 1980. Mr. Dalland has completed hundreds of architectural projects worldwide since he founded a design practice in 1977.

Vice President, CTO

Robert Lerner

Mr. Lerner is a Member of the American Institute of Architects, a recipient of numerous design awards and patents as co-inventor with partners Dalland and Touhey. Mr. Lerner's technology development career includes successful completion of projects for NASA, the Army, the Airforce, and commercial private clients. Mr. Lerner authored many winning grant proposals for technology and product development, directing all phases of project delivery.


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