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Raleigh & Drake

Democratizing Travel


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Raleigh&Drake is a discovery platform powered by the knowledge of your community and trusted influencers, whether for your next exotic trip, or night out on the town. The average person spends 30 hours on 25 different websites when researching travel. ‘Friends and family’ is statistically the most preferred resource for recommendations and insight. We reduce countless hours of online research into a few simple clicks. Moreover, built as a network spotlighting the curators of the world, Raleigh&Drake will be the place where individuals, organizations and companies build up their brand cache in the travel space. Our goal is to build a travel brand that reflects the value system of millennials while leveraging their social travel recommendations to build the definitive social network for travel and experiences.


Founder / CEO

Patrick Sarkissian

20 years of digital brand marketing for top brands. Startup investor/mentor. Active world traveler.

Partner / Creative Director

Riley Milhem

15 years as a Design Director / Creative Director Over 20 awards including 3 Cannes Golden Lions

Founder / President

Gilad Goren

10 years in travel as an innovator and leader. Ace salesman.


Ashot Tonoyan

20 years of bootstrapping delivery of MVP's for startups, team management and advanced architectural / cycle planning for tech platforms.


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