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Releaf connects African businesses to customers they can trust.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 0
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Releaf is a referral-driven network of African companies that have worked and recommended each other to their broader networks. The platform allows business owners to indicate who they work with and invite their friends to do the same, increasing both parties’ referral networks.


Strategic Partnerships

Emmanuel Udotong

Emmanuel is a Princeton student who interned as a Software Engineer at Pinterest this summer. Last spring, he was selected as one of 27 to join the Harambe Alliance for African entrepreneurs (2% acceptance); Emmanuel was the youngest member of this year’s cohort.

Business Development

Ikenna Nzewi

Ikenna is a Yale student who has interned with Bain and BCG in the past and has received a full-time Associate Consultant offer from Bain. Ikenna started three businesses in high school, accruing over $30,000 in revenue.

Nigerian Operations

Tobechukwu J. Nzewi


Joshua Nzewi

Joshua is a Penn State graduate, Eagle Scout, and Gold Congressional Medalist who currently works as a Reservoir Engineer at Shell. In the past, he ran a phone case business that generated over $40,000 in profits.

Managing Partner

Isaiah Udotong

Isaiah is an MIT student and Bill Gates Millennium Scholar who has interned at Facebook as a Software Engineer for the last two summers. While there, he led a team to create a mobile app and was personally chosen to present it to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Product Development

Uzoma Bailey Ayogu

Uzoma is a Duke student who has interned at General Electric (GE) in the past and has received a full-time Product Manager offer from Microsoft. This past spring, Uzoma was awarded the Duke Outstanding President award for demonstrating leadership that stood above the other 42 Duke organization presidents.


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