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Roomors Living

We are a community-focused housing solution for young professionals in New York City, providing them with all-inclusive smart apartments.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 69
Quick Pitch:


Roomors is a co-living startup creating a home away from home for students and young professionals aged 18-26. We provide fully furnished apartments with flexible lease terms at market value to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that comes with moving to a new city. Additionally, we have curated events, happy hours, a messaging board and more to create an instant community removing the challenges involved in starting a new chapter in life.



Avi Lichtenstein

Avi Lichtenstein comes with expertise in strategy, operations and growth. Avi's experience includes, Project Management for an international consultancy; Project Coordinator, for international wealth management events; Economic development Consultant; and more. Avi received his BA in Business Management & Conflict Resolution, graduating with honors from the IDC, Israel. Prior to his enrollment, Avi served as a reconnaissance Sergeant in the IDF.


Or Goldschmidt

Or has over 6 years of real estate experience in New York City as an agent, broker and investor. Or's in depth knowledge of the industry, his personal frustration of finding a place to live when he moved to NYC combined with the understanding of how bad the relationships between tenants and management companies made him realize there has to be a better solution. Or bootstrapped Roomors from one apartment to 15 within 8 months on his own.

Head of Community

Sydney Baran

Born and raised in France; Sydney has since lived in LA, Montreal, St Petersburg FL and NYC. Sydney speaks two languages (English, French) and has working knowledge of Dutch and German. Her background in art led her to begin her career as a merchandiser eventually leading her to work in fashion marketing. On her free time you can catch her practicing yoga or throwing punches in boxing class or even binge watching Netflix.

VP Sales and Development

Bar Oved

Bar has over 8 years of management and sales experience in startups and real estate. He started his career as a HR manager in the Israeli Army. After his discharge he helped build and manage a successful import export startup reaching a top 3 ranking in Israel. Following his success, Bar moved to NYC where he became a broker and project manager for one of the top firms in Brooklyn.

Director of Marketing

Joelle Silverman


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