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RRR Car Rental

We are a Mobility Company with a PURPOSE of solving Underserved, Unworkable, Unreachable All Seasons Luxury SUV, Rental Rates, Un-affordable & Distribution


Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


We are a Mobility Company with a PURPOSE of solving unsteadiness in the car rental industry by focusing on Four Specific Brand Models with High Residual Value, Safety, Secured, Luxury and Value-Unique SUV (Service Utility Vehicle). Our research shows we will be able to rent our vehicles for the price of an economy car and still be profitable.


Founder and General Operation Manager

Tunde OJO

I have been an entrepreneur for 22 years; my experiences and skills in the goods and services business is incomparable and economies of scale in products distribution and buying /selling is in my DNA. I've gained extensive experiences at Canon Business Machine as Snr. Vice President, Quick Copy Center (Founder), Kwik Digital Copier (Founder); Tune Enterprises (Founder): these businesses combine has made over $15 million dollars in sales.


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