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Seaters fills empty seats on sport & music events for both sponsors and organizers. We do so with the introduction of intelligent and innovative waiting lists.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 9
Quick Pitch:


On sport & music events, despite being sold out, up to 10% of seats remain empty. Seaters is unique in the sense that it’s the only tool that generates a pull of demand for events instead of being on more push of seats into an overcrowded market. A large EU bank reduced it's empty seats from 24% to 1.1% by filling empty seats with employees in private waiting lists. Next step is to open waiting lists for B2C customers of that bank.



Manu Jans

worked for McKinsey & Company, founded GreenPulse (a developer of Solar projects raising US$60m). Holds a degree in Corporate Finance from the London Business School (UK) and a Masters and Executive Masters in Business (Belgium).


Jean-Sébastien Gosuin

worked for Unilever and founded Suseia, an official ticket agent for FIFA, Olympic Games, French Open, Wimbledon, etc. Executive Masters in Sports Management (IOC, Lausanne); Masters Degree from Belgium.


Dominique Snyers

Stanford Alumni in IT; PhD in Artificial Intelligence from France and subsequently founded 2 IT companies.


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