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SkillsEQ applies data science to connect professional job requirements to higher education.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


SkillsEQ disrupts the $109B recruiting industry by applying Data Science to connect professional job requirements to higher education. Using a proprietary algorithm, SkillsEQ quantifies and correlates any job's skill requirements & any academic course's skill yield. Companies can identify & screen applicants based on skill competency and job fit, while students understand what skills are required by a given job & select courses to build them.


Founder & CEO

Jason Cowell

Jason has a 13-year track record of successful, industry changing solutions development at Cisco Systems. His experience includes creating, architecting, developing and delivering the higher education, retail, and transportation solution portfolios and directing global business development for each industry group. SkillsEQ is his third start up.


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