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Skin OS ™

Skin OS ™ develops and licenses connected consumer skin care devices.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Skin OS ™ creates cutting-edge skin-care technology in 3 ways: a diagnostic hand-held device; a software application that collects data to customize best-practice advice for the user; and skin-care product formulations. Our premiere device, Zara, combines cutting-edge consumer hand-held technologies into one easy-to-use tool. The Zara protocol begins with a scan of the skin to determine skin types and conditions (oily, dehydrated, inflammation, pigmentation, wrinkle depth etc.). After the scan, the appropriate treatment on the device is programmed to perform the treatment: ultrasonic cleansing, micro-current/facial toning, warm peltier or cold peltier therapy; known as thermoelectric therapy. Once the treatment is completed, the app associated with the device stores and tracks the progress of the user’s skin-care goals and offers product usage and lifestyle tips. It also will collect the data gained from user experience and be shared with the licensee, to increase understanding of consumer needs and product use.


Gretchen Wobensmith


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