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SocialGrade, Inc.

Social Grade is a passive social media monitoring system that also scores, categorizes, and improves your kids’ social media behaviors.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


In an ever-changing, but always dangerous social media landscape, parents find themselves lacking both the time to constantly monitor their kids online and the desire to continuously learn new social media platforms. SocialGRADE™ helps you regain your freedom from incessant social media monitoring so you have more time to spend on the fun parts of parenting.


CEO & Founder

Anthony Braddy

Our CEO/Founder, Anthony Braddy is a highly competent and effective business and management professional with over 16 years of industry experience. Having successfully navigated two teenage daughters through the transition from newbies in the social media landscape to users with independently managed identifies (aka digital puberty) and all the associated headaches, he figured there had to be a better way. In response, SocialGrade, Inc. was born.


Jennifer Ekeleme

Our CMO, Jennifer Ekeleme, is a brand and marketing strategist, people connector, savvy business development professional, and mentor for young women in the media and advertising world. She served as one of the Founding Team Members of ShopPaul Inc, a faith-based eCommerce startup based out of LA. Her goal as the VP of Brand and Marketing was shifting the perception and experience of faith-based products/services to Millennials consumers.


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