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Stereotheque helps music students and emerging musicians find sustainable career paths in the industry through mentorship and exclusive access to content.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 0
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Stereotheque is the platform where music students and emerging musicians connect and network with top industry professionals and advance in their careers. With its mission to democratize access to the music industry, users can build their profiles easily and collaborate with musicians and find career opportunities; it's the best way to network in the industry. Stereotheque was awarded 1st prize by MIT Technology Review and the IADB, and IDARTES.


CoFounder and CEO

Tomás Uribe

Music and Media entrepreneur. Product and digital marketer with experience of 12 years in the music industry. Previous work in Soundacity, The United Nations, Hugleberry Corp.

CoFounder and CMO

Guillermo Arenas

CoFounder and CTO

Kristian Diaz


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