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Understanding how we consume, retain, and apply information by using AI to assist students with on-campus resources and providing data back to the institution.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


StudyTree is creating technology to transform education. We are a SaaS company creating a streamlined assistance system using AI to facilitate peer collaboration, interactive scheduling, and more. For education administrators, we capture and analyze data to improve the learning environment. StudyTree’s first product is a mobile application on the student side, with a management and analytics platform for education administrators.


Founder | COO | CMO | CFO

Reggie James

Wharton '17 - Strategy and Behavior in Context - Global Finalist | Silicon Valley Competition - 2x 1st Place Strategy Case Comps - 2x Global Finalist Strategy Case Comps Previous Experience - Summer Analyst at AXA Funds Management Group - Founder & CEO of previous multi-media startup - Marketing intern for apparel startup Hillflint Expertise Business Development | Managment & Marketing Strategy | Negotiating | Consumer Behavior

Founder | CEO

Ethan Keiser



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