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Accessories for a wireless world: we design things that don't just connect you to your digital life, they make you part of it.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Our company makes wearable hardware interfaces that communicate with mobile phones, RFID and NFC readers, wireless networks, and other ubiquitous technologies. The market penetration of smart phones has led consumers to expect the convenience of access to multiple modes of interaction with digitally based social networks, communications, and payment methods. We aim to move these transactions beyond handheld mobile devices and onto the body.


Crystal Butler

Former fashion designer turned technologist, Crystal Butler plans to move wearable interfaces beyond the novelty gadget and health monitoring markets and into the realm of easy-to-use, everyday objects that enhance -- and adorn! -- our lives. Her prior entrepreneurial experience in the apparel industry provides a solid background in startup management, and her creative talents lay the groundwork for developing innovative and marketable products.

Robert Diamond

With a long history of software development for web and mobile, Robert Diamond is the technology wizard that makes our wearables do what they're supposed to do. In addition to his extensive programming skills, he is well-versed in the creation of custom electronics, embedded systems, and wireless communications implementations. Rob is passionate about invention and relentless in his pursuit of finding solutions to difficult problems.


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