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Traansmission is a real-time, location-based marketplace that gives shippers and truckers the power of direct communication.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


We've built a logistics marketplace. One in five trucks on the road is empty, yet there are a projected 200,000 less trucks than are needed. Traansmission built an app that greatly increases carriers’ revenue by finding new routes and reduces shipping costs. We also have a portal for shippers to input and view their freight needs.



Jason Cahill

Jason is former Army Special Forces, familiar with long hours and high expectations. He's built search and rescue systems used in Haiti, so he's familiar with building tech as well.


Emil Lamm Nielsen

Armed with an MS in CS from Columbia, Emil has worked on two prior startups and has built navigation systems used by elderly persons with dementia.


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