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Travel a la Carte

We provide travelers with the ultimate all-in-one travel solution including one single booking platform, digital travel wallet and personal AI assistant.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


All-in-one travel and financial app that allows travelers to book their flights,accommodation,events;make instant payments,exchange currencies,pay with QR codes and open travel saving account with their digital travel wallet and surpass language barrier with our AI personal travel assistant. We make travel less time consuming, cheaper and more convenient.We reward travelers with loyalty travel coins and plan to offer them instant travel credits.


Ivana Hronova

Co-Founder and CFO

Olga Grillova

Olga has a background in international finances and business from the Netherlands and Monaco. She has substantive experience as Senior Consultant from Ernst&Young and as a Senior Manager of Empirent Luxury Suites, major premium accommodation provider in Prague, Czech Republic. She is in charge of financial planning, business model optimization and operations team.


Kim Najman

Kim has a background in hospitality management,tourism industry and digital marketing strategy from Switzerland. She has previous experience as Marketing Manager from major hotel chain, private airlines and digital marketing agency. She is responsible for marketing strategy and implementation on three continents.

Business Development Manager

Berta Jarosova

Berta Jarosova has background in law and cybersecurity from Paris, France and the Netherlands. She has previous UN, government and business experience. She has experience in partnership building, event management and innovation strategy. She served as the Manager of Innovation Week Czech Republic supporting creation innovation ecosystem. She is responsible for the concept and design of outreach activities and partners acquisition strategy.


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