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It's possible for people to plan their own trips but it's daunting, time-intensive and fragmented. Traveloti makes trip planning more efficient and effective.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


A digital platform that connects sophisticated travelers with the authentic experiences they seek via do-it-yourself planning tools, inspirational content, purchasable curated experiences, and access to premium travel agents that will consult, plan, book and assist you end-to-end.



Sarah Neill

12 years international experience building brands, and taking products to market. Co-Founder/ CEO of DOODAD a global telecommunications company for travelers. Founder of WeatherThan an iOS and Android app that makes weather relevant (and at least 50% more fun).


Michael Zeldes

Experience with agency model (which will be employed for travel agents) albeit in a different industry, insurance. Travel aficionado.


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