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True Made Foods

True Made Foods is making American food nutritious. We use fresh vegetables to naturally sweeten our products and drastically cut back on added sugar.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Everyone in America wants the best for their family and at True Made Foods we believe it’s our job to make that choice easy. That is why we started with America’s favorite sauces, Ketchup, BBQ and Hot Sauce. We took out the corn syrup and cane sugar and added vegetables, allowing us to drastically cut back on added sugar and turning these empty calorie foods into nutrient dense super foods.


CEO, Co-Founder

Abraham Kamarck

Abe Kamarck is a former US Naval Aviator and a London Business School MBA. In 2008, he became an interim-CEO / turn-around specialist for a plastics factory in Bulgaria. He then started Maendeleo Ventures, LLC in 2009 and won contracts in Egypt & Ghana. In 2010 he took his business to Doha, Qatar for three years where he built startups. In 2013, Abe returned to the US and launched Coexist Coffee as a national product for the Coexist Foundation.


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