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theBOM (Black-Owned Market)

TheBOM is a dynamic pop-up market experience that provides access to all of your favorite Black-Owned brands under the same roof.

The Arch App Startup

My team and I have completed the mock up/prototype for the app, but now need to secure funding for the coding process and other expenses.


Uchi8 is a site for Content Creators, to manage and monetise their work; and for Internet Users, to browse content in the easiest way possible.

Rx Games Events

At Rx Games we have a dedicated team making sure your event goes smoothly, hassle free and just the way you want it.


We help distributed brands build momentum. Pica9 develops SaaS-based local marketing automation and digital asset management systems for multi-location brands.

DrinkSavvy Inc.

Colorimetric chemical sensors for the real-time, field-of-use, instantaneous detection of 'date rape drugs' in alcoholic beverages with platform tech extensions

Gazelle Solar

A solar energy product for fast, outlet speed e-device charging when the grid is down or for those places with unreliable grid power and high cell phone use.

Brewla, Inc.

Brewla Bars are ice pops with novel flavors, clean label ingredients, low calories and health benefits. A healthy, tasty snack you can feel good about eating.

Proximity Insight

Proximity Insight takes the flood of corporate data and puts it into the hands of those on the ground in an intelligent, understandable, and actionable way.

Logic Products

Our company manufactures & retails eco-friendly, non-toxic products made with natural ingredients safe for families, pets & the environment.


Piecewise is a budgeting app that uses machine learning analysis to help people pay down and refinance student debt.


For publishers and advertisers, Appweevr provides actionable content insights and targeted segments based on what engages their users and how.

Melty Cone Video

Melty Cone is a full service video production company in NYC.

Wine by Design

Creating valuable business and branding opportunities through the world of wine


iMATTERS: a publishing platform that leverages community to create, curate & distribute content while optimizing access to premium audiences


FoodieTrip is the world's first marketplace connecting travelers with passionate, local food guides for authentic gastronomic experiences all around the world.


We make it fast, easy, and affordable for anyone to get their raw footage edited by expert, curated editors via our marketplace.