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Unbound is an empowering sexual wellness brand for women by women.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


As an e-commerce company, Unbound is changing the shopping experience for women in this deeply personal category. The company is differentiated by focusing on product curation, engaging content, and an exceptional customer experience – all delivered in the guise of a contemporary brand driven by feminist ethos. As Unbound continues to build trust with the female consumer, the vision is to grow the private label of products made in-house.



Polly Rodriguez

Polly specialized in customer experience at Deloitte, product development at Tanooki Labs (iOS and Ruby), and scaled the YCombinator startup Grouper to $5M in revenue.


Jacqueline Churchwell

Jackie's background is in banking at Citigroup, research at Bridgewater, executive recruiting at Russell Reynolds, and strategy consulting at Bain. She also is a dual-degree candidate at Columbia for MBA and Masters in Social-Psychology


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