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UNPACK delivers curated clothing and gear to hotels and Airbnb's so travelers can pack less and discover premium products that make sense for their trip.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


unPack delivers clothes and gear to hotels so you can travel effortlessly. Packing and baggage is getting more stressful and expensive, and the appeal of style curation and sharing economy solutions in the context of travel is growing. In 10 years, we want every traveler to think of a flight as easily as their morning commute. With a few taps, the perfect box of apparel and gear is waiting when they get there.



Aaron Liskov

Columbia University, Andrew Mellon Foundation, Teach for America


Andrew Zahornacky

Product Marketing Manager, Lead @ Qubit Search Manager @ Razorfish (clients: Starwood Hotels, Uniqlo)


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