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Urban Cargo

We ship a box of handsome each month with 3+ of the best in hair care, skincare and shaving for men to test in the comfort of their homes.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Urban Cargo is an “of the month” service that helps men discover skincare and hair care products such as shaving creams, face washes and hair gels. We collect information about men's grooming habits and hand-select products that work best for them. We're positioned well to ride the wave of major investments in this category by brands in this category, such as L'Oreal and P&G, who are currently investing millions to grow the category.



Krishna Gullapalli

Krishna co-founded, a site that provides investment overviews for 150+ franchises, before Urban Cargo. She dropped out of Wharton MBA to pursue Urban Cargo full-time. Her role has been to focus on Direct Marketing and Investor Outreach. Before Wharton, She worked on the launch of Coach's men's only business. She graduated from the U of Michigan in 2005. As an college football fan, she has seen the dangers of bad grooming.


Jennifer Lucy

Jenn has been full-time at Urban Cargo since November, and has taken on the role of Product Development and Supply Chain. Prior to UC, Jenn worked at Coach in Merchandising team where she focused on identifying trends and product development for men’s. Jenn graduated with a MBA from MIT, a BSc from McGill University, and MSc from The London School of Economics. Jenn started UC so her husband would stop stealing her $75 face cream!


Michael Sin

Mike became full-time at Urban Cargo in November, and is managing both the tech and content. Prior to UC, Mike worked on the Consumer Insights and Strategy team at Coach where he assisted in expanding the men’s business. He's worked at Permira Advisers where he worked with Hugo Boss and Valentino. Mike has worked at Credit Suisse. Michael graduated from Columbia in 2005. Mike is working towards being a yoga master and can fold himself into a box.


Patrick Chung

Patrick is Co-head of NEA's Consumer and Seed-stage investing practices, and a founding partner of NEA and Harvard’s Experiment Fund.


Patrick FitzGerald

As a veteran entrepreneur with a background in many industries, Patrick has assisted in the foundation or expansion of a variety of businesses. He served as the former CEO of Nanny Caddy and is the co-founder of RecycleBank. He currently teaches entrepreneurship at Wharton at the U of Pennsylvania.


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