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Vab Media Digital Agency

A Customer experience design UX design agency that believes that design is critical to helping companies reach their business goals and converting users


Founded: 2010
Employees: 6


Established in 2010, Vab Media is an omni-channel digital marketing agency headquartered in NYC. The agency provides a full-service, performance-based digital marketing strategy for customer acquisition. Services offered include; Lead Generation, Email, SEO, PPC, Mobile, Programmatic, responsive design


Cofounder and Director of Search Marketing

Andrew Broadbent

I consult VC backed startup businesses with Internet marketing guidance. I lead our data-driven SEO team providing strategy, overseeing processes, providing training and testing the latest SEO strategies to improve conversion and revenue for all of our clients. I have been interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, LA Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. A contributor to Econsultancy, Startup Grind, and Google for Education.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Vania Benavides

Vania is a skilled leader and project manager. She researches target markets for every project we take on and develops a structure, design, video concept, or social strategy, accordingly. She is also the 1st point of contact with each client. She is not just a marketer, she also has coding and technical development skills that give her a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the nuances of how coding languages and search engines work.


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