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Peel Away Labs

Peelaway are the smarter alternative to traditional bedding. Each layer is soft and 100% waterproof. Have a fresh sheet in under 1 minute.


ResearchConnection is the first searchable platform for all university research initiates and research jobs across the country.


Top B2B Email Lists Service Providers in USA


Bubbl makes all video interactive by adding a remix panel with “clip-and-share” tech to sites and apps.


Let Quid help you quit your bad spending habits!

Barber Surgeons Guild

Modern take on men’s grooming built for the 80 million men in the US experiencing hair thinning, and millions more who want to prevent it.


Jigglist is the best way for a group to coordinate where & when to meet all within a chat (AngelPad 7)

Black Tree Media

BlackTree operates more than 16 Youtube Channels that have earned more than 2 million in revenues


A new algorithm-based transmission technology that leverages teraFLOPS of computing power to resolve the transport issues of “Big Data."

New Vibe

New Vibe is a contemporary Women's wear line of Wearable Hybrids, called TACTSTyLES, that brings new functionalities and new comfort to 21st century.


VEEPIO is a mobile direct to consumer communication and E-Commerce technology platform.

CP Slippers

Original one piece leather slippers brand.


Location based app to discover fitness professionals in your area, connect with the ones you like, and schedule training sessions. (Yes, we know it's amazing)

SUPAspot Inc

SUPA is a biometric sensor/data platform for apparel.


Data-driven legal business solutions and spend management tools that enhance the value of attorney-client relationships.


We help restaurants build their own loyal "Mob" so they can bring their regulars back more often, filling tables on demand and PROFITABLY

Nomi Beauty

Nomi Beauty supplies on demand salon services to the worlds largest hotel groups via an integrated platform.


Elevatr is an app that builds startups from concept to company.