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clip&talk llc

World's First Patented "Wearable Headset and Mobile APP" that keeps mobile users handsfree and accurately monitors health & wellness (not just fitness)


WhoDIK lets it users find businesses owned by their Facebook Friends and Friends of Friends. Don't ask "Who Do I Know?" Think WhoDIK!


Bridging the gap between Women & Girls and access to Education, Resources, and Career & Entrepreneurship opportunities in Technology.


igobono is a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos”) instead of money.

Worldcast Live Inc

Worldcastlive Media Platform is the innovative live streaming platform that gives entrepreneurs and businesses the full 360 package to realise their vision.


Collaborative Darwinism for the Global Venture Economy.

Serial Box

Called “HBO for readers” by NPR, Serial Box brings readers and listeners original serials that are released in weekly episodes during 10-13 week seasons

Couponomy Inc.

Couponomy uses a proprietary algorithm that lets users automatically share the value of loyalty points they earn with their entire network of friends.

Magazines for any device. No logins required.


Delivering Digital Wealth Management Experience That Keeps Customers Coming Back


We empower companies to create and distribute branded goods to their fans/leads/customers automatically


We make shelves that light up your stuff

Uncharted Play, Inc.

Creators of the SOCCKET, an energy-harnessing soccer ball that provides power to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Citus Health

We enable home health providers to streamline patient support and automate workflows in order to improve the patient experience and decrease provider costs.

WishPoints, Inc

WishPoints is a predictive platform to aggregates intent
 for volume based negotiations and competitive bidding by companies for future customers.

Value Blended

Value Blended is a Co-Innovation Consultancy that creates value-driven innovation by blending business goals, human needs, and technology.

Ukuza Inc.

Ukuza is a membership-based video game distribution platform where members get one credit a month, good for any game in our catalog, no matter the price.

TripUsher connects travelers with locals to curate unique itineraries based on specific interests, tastes and reasons for travel.


Connecting untapped military talent to great companies for better careers and better businesses.