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BWPolitime, LLC

POLITIME Provides Americans with a Social Network where they can vote on the bills voted on in Congress. POLITIME tabulates votes and compares them to Congress.

Motion Traxx

Motion Traxx helps you stay motivated during your workouts.


anOthervision an urban based entertainment production company which produces original new media for and by urban youth.

NameFace LLC

NameFace is an online service for celebrity event photographers to name the public personalities in their photos with facial recognition.

Human Condition Safety

We develop wearable tech that creates the safest work environments globally, saving tens of billions of dollars spent on injuries, lost labor costs & insurance.

Required Marketing

Grow your business effective, Easy-To-Use online tools and services to attract customers and keep them coming back.

SheerStyle, Inc.

Hosiery is one of the best fashion items you can sell online, though very few are truly capitalizing on it. With a markup of 230% to 600%, we will.

Dress Code A.I.

Future of online shopping. Personal shopping assistant driven by artificial intelligence.

RunTime Technologies

Manages rising tide of digital communications assets more effectively and reduces marketing costs. Develops quality CMS projects at low cost


FITIST has reinvented the gym with one membership to the best of the best boutique studios.

Monotote inc.

Contextual Commerce is the next phase in digital retail. Monotote’s technology will power it.


Kahnoodle makes it easier for busy couples to win at love.

Duwi Inc

A revolutionary mobile app that will allow you to use your phone to make transit payments anywhere like a kiosk at your finger tips.(Patent Pending)

Fruit Street Health, P.B.C

A telehealth software product that allows healthcare providers to conduct HIPAA compliant video calls and monitor diet/lifestyle with wearable devices and apps.

1 Edge, Incorporated

Aponia Data is an Agile, Adaptable and Innovated Solutions Integrator using IBM Big Data Technologies. We have 20 years experience in the enterprise.

The World’s #1 Platform for Visiting Impactful Nonprofits, Virtually and In-Person

Optyca NYC

I have created a presentation that will show UNIQUE ideas of how to capture the majority income of this 34+ billion dollar a year industry.


The World's Visual Conversation Network