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Vivastream Inc.

Vivastream is the only data analytics + business intelligence SaaS platform that makes event data actionable for enterprises.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 4


Vivastream is an event data analytics company. Vivastream distills the vast amount of behavioral data from events into valuable, actionable insights. Through unifying the data collected by the multitude of event partners and social channels,Vivastream marries the digital with the physical world and delivers insights about customers event behavior that push into CRM systems. Vivastream clients: IBM, Red Hat, Autodesk, Synopsys, Fiserv, Atlassian.


Founder & CEO

Nick Fugaro

Nick has 20 years of expertise in enterprise digital, data, multi-channel marketing and traditional advertising, Nick has created successes with global brands including: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Comcast, Fedex, Sprint/Nextel, Royal Caribbean, E*TRADE, Citibank, HSBC, Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Prior to Vivastream, Nick was employed with Acxiom Corporation, Digital Impact, Lanmark Group and the New York Yankees.

Cofounder, Lead Technologist

Steven Francolla

Steven has over 13 years of web software engineering experience in businesses ranging from early-stage, venture capital-funded start-ups to growth-focused, medium-sized corporations. He is highly engaged in the NYC high-tech community as an advocate of open, social web technologies. He most recently held the role at TradeCard, Inc., as the engineering team’s web applications expert.

Cofounder, Product

Kyle Morehouse

For 11 years Kyle has been helping fortune 500 clients bridge the gap between strategic design and technical feasibility. As a Digital Marketing subject matter expert with Acxiom, Kyle designed and implemented global interactive solutions that span the web, email, mobile, social, and online display - including the world's largest integrated email and mobile marketing program for Nokia.


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