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VOZ leverages trend-driven fashion design to enable skilled indigenous artisans to prosper in the global market.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


VOZ is a contemporary fashion company that uses cutting-edge design innovation to empower indigenous communities. We enable artisans to prosper from their cultural art forms, now endangered by imported knock-offs. Fashion designers and master artisans co-design VOZ apparel and accessories that succeed internationally on style and quality. Our fair trade production generates rural economic growth throughout Latin America. VOZ has presented six collections at New York Fashion Week, is selling in over 43 high fashion stores in eight countries and was named by as one of the top sustainable fashion brands.


CEO and Creative Director

Jasmine Aarons

Jasmine, a Product Design Engineer from Stanford, spent years working with indigenous artisans in South America with a Haas Fellowship. She consulted Fair Trade foundations for two years in design, production, and commercialization. She pioneered a collaborative design model with Mapuche weavers, where designers and artisans co-create marketable products. Today she directs VOZ' international business strategy and design vision.

Director of Sales & Marketing

Irys Kornbluth

Fashion and Product Design at Stanford and ESMODE Paris. Founded Stanford Sustainable Fashion Collective. Irys has over 6 years sales, marketing, and merchandising strategy at Armour Vert, Zazzle, and her own line I.K Studio. After scaling VOZ's wholesales dramatically from season to season, she also dedicated herself to learning programming, interface design, and direct marketing strategy to lead our Direct to Consumer E-Commerce.

Lead Developer

Noah Jeffrey

Magna Cum Laude graduate from Saint John's University, Noah has been an entrepreneur since before he could legally work. He helped launch 7 businesses, 2 of which have raised over $600k. Fluent in 2 spoken languages (English, Spanish) and 5 computer languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL). Biology major and pre-medicine program graduate. Web developer in profession, scientist at heart.

Director of Artisanship and Quality Control

Veronica Currivil Nahuel

VOZ Artisan Cofounder of Ñimi Kafe Pu Domo Indigenous Artisan Association, and former Secretary of Chol Chol Foundation. Veronica directs VOZ’s Quality Control and Artisan Training Programs.


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