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WaterStop Carts LLC

Mobile refill stations that filter municipal water for contaminates and taste with Digital Banners, Wifi and LCD for, Digital Ads, Sponsorship, Ed Opportunities


Founded: 2013
Employees: 0
Quick Pitch:


WaterStop Carts believes people around the world need safe, accessible, affordable water sources. Accessibility through Mobility the foundation of our thinking. We have created a unique mobile water filtration cart that filters contaminants from all kinds of water sources. Our business model is both city-centric, scalable and sustainable. Starting in U.S. educational institutes (this represents 75 million users) and for international distribution


Founder and CEO (IA)

Nan Harris

Nan is bi-coastal, NYC and Oakland CA skilled in innovation as a Director/ Developer in the Entertainment Industry for 30 years. Work includes: Original Concept Team that developed Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1. Her work also includes shows for Fox, Paramount, MGM, Kevin Costner’s TIG Productions, AFI and more. Nan has started and sold two small businesses: Reel Chocolate and Vacation Center Reservations (sold at 3 times purchase price)

Manufacturer and Water Expert

Gerard Lynch

Gerard J. Lynch, P.E. has 20+ years creating innovative designs, implemention.Lynch started his engineering career in the offshore industry with McDermott International, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Returning to New York, Mr. Lynch acquired Sigma Design Company in 1999. Sigma has 40+ years of experience in manufacturing support, engineering design, technology consulting, creating new products and specialty machinery for manufacturing clients.


Victoria Jakovich

Victoria Jakovich has an MBA from Pepperdine University, at Western Division VP and Major Account Implementation. The Western Division revenues were $750 million annually, 9 years Director of Business Development for Principal Financial Services, MetLife Investors, Lincoln Financial, Tax & Financial—Each are leading B2B and B2C financial solutions. Victoria is a principal at Education Funding Partners creating corporate sponsorship.


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