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Well Traveled

Using big data to unravel the traveler's path to purchase.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 5


Well Traveled is a data company for the travel industry. Today’s data industry is outdated, created for an internet full of storefronts focused only on conversions. The complexities of travel have been neglected; research & intent signals deemed unimportant by data companies. Well Traveled understands how research influences purchase decisions, so instead of ignoring these signals, Well Traveled is developing ML technology to understand them.


CEO & Co-Founder

Samantha Ruiz

Sam started her career in digital marketing, however in 2016, Sam found herself disheartened by the smoke and mirrors that plagued the industry. She left her career to travel and learn to code. By sharing her travels on social media, she became a travel influencer, enabling her to work with travel brands all over the world. She's now combining her digital media, ad tech and influencer marketing experiences to lead the Well Traveled team as CEO.

Data Engineer

Les Redfield

Digital Marketing Intern

Natasha Verdon

Digital Marketing Intern

Alison Rao


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