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WorkNetz: TopTalent

Turning your global workforce into your global recruiting force.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


WorkNetz leverages a new way of looking at work routing (AOW) to solve recruiting for companies and workers. Top Talent uses a testing approach with machine learning to allow companies to find the best (technical and culture fit) candidates for available roles and allow candidates to directly vet into companies of interest...eliminating third party recruiters for good.


Founder and Chief Scientist

David Saintloth

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, David Saintloth is a first generation Haitian American who speaks almost 3 languages;). He has been fascinated by computers since his days coding in basic on an Atari 800xl in 1984. He graduated from the Brooklyn Technical HS of science and The City College of New York where he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1998. He designed the AgilEntity framework and invented the Action Oriented Workflow paradigm.


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