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Not BETTER Data Security. BONA FIDE Data Security. Proactively & automatically protects data at the byte level, so that hacks don't matter anymore.


DotAlign delivers relationship intelligence to “connect the dots” on business opportunities.

Auto Leasing NYC

Auto Leasing NYC, 260 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, +1 347-758-4801


SaaS platform increasing transparency between renters & home providers through reviews, sentiment analysis software, & by providing housing literacy content.


The world's 1 st community for live social video debates and video debate tournaments


Putting talent into Volunteering. We are the Upwork (e-lance) of volunteering.

eDivv Inc.

eDivv is an online P2P marketplace to buy, sell or swap beauty products, disrupting eBay's 2.6B beauty vertical.

Vital Performance

Providing high performance, low cost fashion based fitness gear and apparel. Plan is to scale quickly using social media marketing and selling in big box stores


TimeLooper is a platform to deliver VR experiences to tourists visiting historic sites and cultural hot spots; content is delivered via Android and iPhone apps.

CruiseLT, Inc.

We make the loss of freedom and independence more bearable to aging seniors and their families…whether it’s for a few days or the rest of one’s life.


Ask questions anonymously and get advice from others nearby.

Opulen Technologies

Opulen strengthens cryptocurrency networks and yields returns via : 1) coin appreciation 2) coin accumulation, and 3) network development.


Combatting cancer via personalized holistic healthcare powered by Data Analytics and Science.

Star Racers

Star Racers is a novel that could become a valuable franchise with many revenue streams as a book series, movie, video game, and merchandise.


Tastes, swiping your way to your favorite restaurants, including delivery, reservations, and travel arrangements.


Cartogram provides indoor location services for businesses including line wait times, product search, staff monitoring, & indoor map CMS built into Google Maps.