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MotoLink brings connectivity technology to the powersports industry allowing to harvest valuable sensor and geolocation data from the vehicles.


INKKAS WORLDWEAR ( Sustainable global footwear. Shoes that bring the world together. Made by local artisans using authentic local materials.

Heed Media

We are a pop-culture and digital-first driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a multi-ethnic demographic via various streams of distribution.

Paragon One

A comprehensive online training platform that helps international students secure jobs with American and multinational companies and startups.


Automation and client retention platform for small service businesses like beauty salons and barber shops.


MoviePigs is the place for indie film lovers to find, fund and watch awesome international movies

Ginjan Bros, LLC

Ginjan Bros develops and brings to market traditional African beverage; becoming the first mainstream African inspired beverage company. is an online search and comparison engine and content hub that helps consumers navigate the healthcare and health insurance landscape in America.

Air Tailor

Air Tailor helps fashion retailers, online and offline, apply a reimagined version of tailoring to increase sales, decrease returns, and maximize brand loyalty.


WorkStride is a recognition and incentive software solution that helps companies communicate values, recognize great work, and reward results.

Red Matter Labs, LLC

We're building a hardware powered virtual coaching experience that's better than face-to-face personal training.

Striking 101

Striking 101 has become the official striking program/ affiliate for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools and will continue to do so.


Fantasy - dating app for sex-positive and open-minded couples and singles


Intelligent Market Monitor to systematically detect hidden revenue opportunities and leads most likely to convert