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Khuluma Center Inc.

The Khuluma Culture Training program is a language training program for underserved languages.

Broker Buddha

The new operating system for the commercial insurance industry

Sharewave, LLC.

A beautifully simple way for private companies to organize, visualize and share information with their investors.


The first umbrella rental company that makes it easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly for New Yorkers to stay dry

BONBON Networks

We produce incredible content for women on lifestyle, entrepreneurship and inspiration and monetize multiple ways.

The Mutual

The Mutual rewards people for donating to charity with Perks from great brands.

Parking Panda

ITA + OpenTable for the $30B Global Parking Industry

SportChaser connects all sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events.


Multi-platform subscription service that delivers the publishing industry's fastest growing catalog of children's interactive storybooks.


Pampadour is an online social network to discover, collect & share all things beauty, from beauty products to photos/videos & discussions.


The simplest way to book activities for children.


Turning likes into $1, $2 or $3 donations.

MuMM uses visual choices to give brands and celebrities a more meaningful way to engage their audience and produce actionable data.

Return on Change

An investment platform for startups in the critical industries of CleanTech, Life Sciences, EdTech, Technology, and Social Enterprise.


THE O is a human-centric wearable tech lifestyle brand on a mission to increase mental well-being.

Plated revolutionizes the fresh food supply chain - the online-first approach to building the Warby Parker of food


Pinterest for Education. Clip Anything. Share Everything.


Hyr connects businesses and workers to fill any shift, at any time.